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EAI International Conference on Future Internet Technologies and Trends

August 31–September 2, 2017 | Surat, India
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269816 Performance Analysis of 32×10Gbps WDM system based on hybrid amplifier at different transmission length and dispersion Pradhan, Dipika (Electronics Engineering Department, SVNIT, Surat); Mandloi, Abhilash (Electronics Engineering Department, SVNIT, Surat)
269814 An Efficient Privacy Preserving System Based on RST Attacks on Color Image Degadwala, Sheshang; Gaur, Sanjay (Research Supervisor)
269813 Adaptive Image Super Resolution and Reconstruction using hybrid approach for Agriculture Panchal, Hetal Ashokbhai (Student); Desai, MadhaviVipul (Professor)
269811 LOGO: A New Distributed Leader Election Algorithm in WSNs with Low Energy Consumption Bounceur, Ahcene; Bezoui, Madani(University of Boumerdes); Noreen, Umber (Lab-STICC Laboratory); Euler, Reinhardt (Lab-STICC Laboratory); Hammoudeh, Mohammad (Manchester University); Jabbar, Sohail(Kyungpook National University)
269810 A Study on Replay Attack with Automatic Speaker Veri cation Naika, Ravika
269802 Exhausting Autonomic Techniques for Meticulous Consumption of Resources at an IaaS layer of Cloud Computing. Prasad, Vivek Kumar (Institute of technology ,Nirma University,Ahmedabad); Bhavsar, Madhuri D (Institute of technology,Nirma University,Ahmedabad)
269749 Dimensionality Reduction using PCA and SVD in Big Data: A Comparative Case Study Tanwar, Sudeep (Institute of Technology, Nirma University, Ahmedabad); Ramani, Tilak (Institute of Technology, Nirma University, Ahmedabad); Tyagi, Sudhanshu (Department of E&CE, College of Technology, GBPUA&T, Pantnagar, India)
269747 Comparative Analysis of PSF Estimation Based on Hough Transform and Radon Transform Shah, Mayana J (Assistant Professor); Dalal, Dr. Upena D. (associate Professor)
269520 Semi-Blind  for Unmixing  Patel, Foram
269518 ApEn-Based Epileptic EEG Classification Using Support Vector Machine Gabani, Hardika (PG Scholar, GTU); Paunwala, Chirag N. (Professor, EC Dept, SCET)
269398 Alleviation of Stress by Music Therapy  Tiwari, Pradeep
269390 Web Application Security Test Harness Chudasama, Kishan (Student); Khilari, Girish (Guide)
269387 Security Mechanism for Home Area Network (HAN) in Smart Grid Rathod, Bhargav Hirabhai (Student); Rohokale, Dr. Vandana (Guide)
269384 Secured authentication at gateway in context of Internet of Things Shah, Bhavisha (Research Scholar, GTU PG School, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India); Sinha, Aditya Kumar (Technical Head, CDAC ACTS, Pune, Maharashtra, India); Tiwari, Vineeta  (Course Co-ordinator, CDAC ACTS, Pune, Maharashtra, India)
269383 Hybrid Cryptography for recent trends in social networking   Pandya, Priyanka Mahesh Kumar (ME GTU PG SCHOOL, Gandhinagar, India); Deshmukh, Prof. Aaradhana  (Smt. Kashibai Navale college of engineering); Nareshkumar, Gardash (CDAC ACTS, Pune)
269382 Detection and Prevention of Data Ooze using LSB Embedding Vasekar, Srishti Hrudaynath  (M.E Scholar, GTU PG School, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India); Deshmukh, Aaradhana  (Ass. Professor, Department of Computer engineering, Kashibai Navale College of Engineering, Pune, India); Kumar, Gardas Naresh (Course Coordinator, CDAC acts, Pune, India)
269381 Compressive Sensing Based Image Reconstruction Abraham, Sherin C (Dr. S. & S. S. Ghandhy Government College, Surat, India); Pathak, Ketki (Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology, Surat); Patel, JignaJ(Dr. S. & S. S. Ghandhy Government College, Surat, India)
269380 Lung Tumor Identi cation and Classi cation of Lung CT Images using Convolutional Neural Network Bhavsar, Jenice; Jain, Swati (Nirma University)
269378 Wavelet based Feature level Fusion Approach for Multi-Biometric Cryptosystem  Paunwala, Chirag; Patel, Ms. (Heena); Vora, Ms. (Aarohi)
269377 Machine Vision Based Object Sorting using LabVIEW Dhuriya, Anand Shivshankar (Sardar Patel Institute of Technology); Prajapati, PrafulRamesh (Sardar Patel Institute of Technology); Shelar, Priyanka Ashok (Sardar Patel Institute of Technology); Shah, Payal (Sardar Patel Institute of Technology); Sutar, Rajendra (Sardar Patel Institute of Technology)
269376 Investigating Privacy Preserving Technique for Genome Data Sanghvi, Slesha; Patel, Sankita (Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology)
269375 A Study on Forensics Investigation of Cloud Storage Applications on Android devices Shah, NisargA. (Student); Tiwari, Ms. Vineeta (Guide); Chawla, Ms. Shweta (Guide)
269374 Wideband Gap Coupled Microstrip Antenna Using RIS and RIS Cavity Resonator Bhalekar, Pallavi (University of Mumbai); Shaikh, Junaid (University of Mumbai); Ragha, Lakshmappa (University of Mumbai)
269373 A Comparative analysis of Ionospheric effects on Indian regional navigation satellite system (IRNSS) signals at low latitude region, Surat, India using GDF and Nakagami-m distribution Parmar, Sonal
269372 Ensuring Database and Location Transparency in Multiple Heterogeneous Distributed Databases during Data Access and Processing Naik, Shefali (School of Computer Studies, Ahmedabad University)
269369 Optimize Spectrum Allocation in Cognitive Radio Network Patel, Nidhi Manojkumar (Dr. S. & S. S. Ghandhy Engineering College, Surat); Pathak, Ketki (SCET, Surat); patel, RahulM (Dr. S. & S. S. Ghandhy Engineering College, Surat)
269364 Proximity and Community Aware Heterogeneous Human Mobility (P-CAHM) Model for Mobile Social Networks (MSN) Narmawala, Zunnun
269346 A new approach to Mitigate Jamming Attack in Wireless Adhoc Network using ARC Technique RUPANI, PINAL
269342 Efficient Resource Monitoring and Prediction Techniques in an IaaS level of Cloud Computing:Survey Prasad, Vivek Kumar (Professor); Bhavsar, Madhuri (Professor)
269339 Experimenting with Energy Efficient VM migration in IaaS Cloud: Moving towards Green Cloud Thakkar, Riddhi; Trivedi, Rinni (Institute of Technology, Nirma University); Bhavsar, Madhuri (Institute of Technology, Nirma University)
269338 Capacity Planning through Monitoring of Context Aware Tasks at IaaS level of Cloud Computing Prasad, VivekKumar (Professor); Mehta, HarshilNitinkumar (Research Scholar); Gajre, ParimalNarendrakumar (Research Scholar); Sutaria, VidhiBhupatbhai (Research Scholar); Bhavsar, Madhuri (Professor)
269334 Implementation and Testing Of OpenFlow Switch Using FPGA B, Sindhura  (RIT); K R, Shobha (RIT)
269320 Variants of Software Defined Network(SDN) Based Load Balancing In Cloud Computing: A Quick Review. Mehta, Ruchi; Bhatia, Jitendra (Institute Of Technology, Nirma University); Bhavsar, Madhuri (Institute Of Technology, Nirma University)
269311 HiMod-Pert: Histogram Modification Based Perturbation Approach for Privacy Preserving Data Mining Shah, Alpa (Gujarat Technological University); Gulati, Ravi (Veer Narmad South Gujarat University)
269294 Factors Affecting the Performance of Real Time System Thakare, Girish (Asistant Professor); Deshmukh, Prashant (Professor)
269284 Activity based Resource Allocation in IoT for Disaster Management Kumar, J Sathish; Zaveri, MukeshA (SVNIT); Choksi, Meghavi (SVNIT)
269266 Design and Performance Analysis of OpenFlow-enabled Hybrid Network Topology using Mininet Bholebawa, IdrisZoher (S. V. National Institute of Technology); Dalal, UpenaD (S. V. National Institute of Technology)
269017 Performance Analysis of Nakagami and Rayleigh fading for 2 x 2 and 4 x 4 MIMO channel with Spatial Multiplexing Solanki, MiteshS (Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat, Gujarat, India); Gupta, Shilpi (Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat, Gujarat, India)
268675 Designing of Orthogonal Waveforms for MIMO Radar-A Survey Bhamre, Pooja (Ph.D.  scholar, SVNIT, Surat); Gupta, Dr. Shilpi (Assistant Professor,ECED, SVNIT, Surat)
268583 Intelligent Channel Switching for Cognitive Radio Based on Traffic Classification of Primary User  Trivedi, Urvee B. (Government Polytechnic, Dahod); Lineswala, Priyanka L. (SVNIT); Dalal, Dr. UpenaD. (SVNIT)
268561 Designing of SDR Based Malicious Act: IRNSS Jammer Lineswala, Priyanka; Shah, Dr. Shweta N. (SVNIT)
268560 FFT Averaging Ratio Algorithm for IRNSS Raveendran, Sreejith; Desai, Mehul V (Ph.D Scholar); Shah, Dr. ShwetaN (Assistant Professor)
268544 Analysis of Ionospheric Correction Approach For IRNSS/NavIC System Based On IoT Platform DESAI, MEHULV  (Ph.D Scholar); Shah, Dr. ShwetaN. (Assistant Professor)
268530 Bio-Inspired Computing and its applications in cloud computing Kushwah, VirendraSingh (MMU Mullana, Ambala); Goyal, SandipKumar  (MMU Mullana, Ambala)
268482 Mitigation of RB noise in Bidirectional Fiber Transmission Systems based on different OFDM SSB Techniques Patel, Dhananjay (Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat); Dalal, Upena (Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat)
268465 Sensitivity Analysis of Phase Matched Turning Point Long Period Fiber Gratings Gambhir, Monika (SVNIT); Gupta, Shilpi (SVNIT)