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EAI International Conference on Future Internet Technologies and Trends

August 31–September 2, 2017 | Surat, India

General Chair

Dr Upena Dalal, Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology

General Co-Chairs

Dr Jignesh Sarvaiya, SVNIT, Surat
Dr Mrs Shweta Shah, SVNIT, Surat

Technical Program Committee Chair / Co-Chairs

Dr Anand Darji, SVNIT, Surat
Dr Mrs Rasika Dhavse, SVNIT, Surat

Web Chair

Mr Ramesh Solanki, SVNIT, Surat

Publicity and Social Media Chair

Mr Pinal Engineer, SVNIT, Surat

Yatindra Shashi, M.Sc. ICT Innovation, TU Berlin/ UNITN

Workshops Chair

Mr Niteen Patel, SCET, Surat
Dr Piyush Patel, SVNIT, Surat

Sponsorship & Exhibits Chair

 Dr Maulin Joshi, SCET, Surat

Publications Chair

Dr Mrs Shilpi Gupta, SVNIT, Surat
Mr Zuber Patel, SVNIT, Surat

Local Chair 

Dr Mrs Jigisha Patel, SVNIT, Surat

Conference Manager

Monika Szabova, European Alliance for Innovation (EAI)